yellow van

Helping to feed the disadvantaged in our community

They say charity begins at home, but in the case of Milin Builders it begins at work! Each day dozens of workers donate a gold coin to charity for the privilege of parking on our land. This money is then donated to a range of local charities. The Communities@Work Yellow Van is the latest recipient.

Food rescued by Communities@Work is utilised in their Community Pantries and also provided to a broad range of other agencies including domestic violence refuges, disability support services, homeless shelters, mental health support groups, agencies supporting people with drug, alcohol or gambling problems, refugee programs, school breakfast programs, and other programs assisting those who have financial difficulties.

Solutions for those touched by autism

Milin Builders is proud to support the Ricky Stuart Foundation and their great work to create awareness and understanding of autism and support autistic people.

ricky stuart
homes for homes

Addressing homelessness

Australia has 116,000 homeless every night and a chronic shortage of 200,000 social and affordable houses. Due to a severe lack of funding, the shortage is projected to grow to more than 600,000 houses by 2030.

The flow-on effects make this one of Australia’s biggest social issues. Governments cannot solve this alone. The only way to address this crisis is for all Australians to work together.

Milin Builders are an active part of the community solution through funding from our projects at Denman Prospect.

Free fitness = healthier workers

The safety and well-being of our workers is our priority, on and off the work site. Milin Builders sponsors a fitness session every Monday after work at Centre Ring Fitness. This weekly workout is offered free-of-charge for employees and their friends and families.

centre ring