Copies of Milin Builders OHSE and Rehabilitation Policies are displayed on site in prominent locations. 

Employees, subcontractors and visitors are advised of these policies during inductions. In addition to the stated policy objectives, Milin Builders targets those areas which:

  • Ensure compliance with nominated Acts, Regulations, Standards and relevant Codes of Practice and Guidelines;
  • Foresee and avoid potential safety, environmental and quality problems; and
  • Maintain and reinforce the client’s confidence in the safety, environmental and quality input into the project through appropriate reporting mechanisms and open and frank disclosure and discussion.


Milin Builders uses primarily Standards Australia (AS Series contracts) for its building works. In conjunction with its trades, it uses Australian Standards and approved National and ACT Codes of Practice for the all of its building and trade works.

Milin Builders is committed to the highest standards of ethical best practice in its endeavours and supports the national strategies for industry development outlined in Construct Australia: Building a Better Construction Industry in Australia.

Milin Builders offers a broad range of services which can guide you throughout the entirety of the construction process. Services include:

Development Feasibility Report+

Construction Cost Report+

Planning Management+

Detailed Design Management+

Marketing Recommendation+

Contract Tender & Procurement Management+

Construction Management+

Monthly Project & Construction Reporting+

Project Delivery+